The Mattson 2

Monday, January 5, 2015

I first saw The Mattson 2 about fourteen years ago at a small coffee bar, called Miracles Cafe, in Cardiff, CA. On that cool winter day, I went into the cafe merely looking for a hot drink after a long surf session, but instead found myself listening to the most unique music. It was an amazing melody of jazz and indie-rock played by two young, skinny kids, who were absolutely ripping on the guitar and drums. I walked away impressed but didn't inquire about the duo. Fast forward ten years later, while watching a Thomas Campbell surf movie, the background clamor of what is sometimes called, jazz-infused surf rock, certainly rang a bell. After graduating top of their class from UCSD with a Masters in Music, twin brothers, Jared and Jonathan Mattson have written albums and toured internationally. Their music is a completely original blend of swanky jazz and instrumental indie-rock and will surely redefine jazz music for centuries to come.


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