Handmade Series: Union Leatherworks

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

With getting older and more conscious of money, I am trying to buy more quality goods, things that can be repurposed and that will last a lifetime. For decades people have sourced their products to be made overseas to make them cheaper, faster and more economical. Is making something cheaper and faster more economical if it has to be replaced in two years? There is a movement in America and in fact around the world to create things the old way, by hand, with quality components that will last long enough to pass down through generations. This is a series I call Handmade and these are some of the craftsman.

Union Leatherworks
Jesse Corbett


  1. love it! i wholeheartedly share your sentiments - i'll take quality versus "economic" any day. i'm glad that more people are realizing the same {thus the 'handmade movement}!

    that jesse corbett's got some skills!




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